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100 Doors | सौ द्वार

Kutch + Udaipur + Pune, India \ कच्छ + उदयपुर + पुणे, भारत

2018 - ongoing

What stories does each Door have to tell?

A poetic exploration of doors across scales as a simple yet universal interface between neighborhoods, our streets and the interiors of our homes - of how our private worlds and public lives are woven together across geographies.

Across all settlement patterns, the raw photo-documentation has been entirely conducted on foot, often taking on the form of a journalistic quest - interacting with people of different cultures, aspirations or ideologies. Each door expresses its own unique story, but together, they can be seen as a potential map of materials and varying levels of ornamentation, in a gradient from rural to urban - and other underlying patterns.

Would you like to be a part of our project?

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