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ArboReal \  वृक्ष-संबंधी

Virgo Cluster \ कन्या समूह

3076 - 4639 AD

Type: Speculative Futures, World-building
Partners in Charge/ Lead: Sarvesh Singh
Location: Virgo Cluster


How do we get about to expanding in to the Cosmos?

ArboReal explores an intergalactic civilization that not only resolves trivial problems like climate change, but expands out into the cosmos, building sustainable planets and moons, everywhere. As we shifted away from a silicon valley definition of success, some tried integrating microchips into trees. The need for solar panels was phased out by harvesting photosynthesis for all our energy needs.
Over eons, the grown-ups eventually came to their senses and invoked a universal ban on AI and social media. Ever since, the reins of these worlds were handed over to children whose baseline for all business has been kindness, empathy and candy.


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