Bamboo Pavilion \ बांस ध्वजा

Mesra, India \ मेसरा, भारत



As part of the annual fest at BIT Mesra, the university's architectural association was commissioned a collaborative venture to build a Pavilion. The learning unraveled as an informal workshop - simple yet pivotal - sourcing of materials, co-developing a spatial code, and on-site execution. It does so exploring the parallels and links between synesthetic architecture and musical experience - for congregation and interaction.

A grid is supported overhead by a recursive lintel and post columnar framework - all bamboo members are arranged in lieu of biomimicry for structural integrity -  suspended members are configured by algorithm to produce musical notes. When struck across progressively, the Pavilion resonates with the workings of a xylophone/marimba.

Economics inform algorithm further to optimize parametric variations of a linear tessellation, harmonized with the institute’s geometric context. Calculating the length of members help zero down on the quantity of bamboo to be procured, minimizing waste. A sustainable choice of material catalyses circular economy - the pavilion is deconstructed and returned to communities. Being organic, it decomposes to fertilize the soil.