Breathing Skin | प्राणत्वचा

Nanded, India \ नांदेड़, भारत



Client: the Joshis
Partners in Charge/ Lead: Sarvesh Singh
Collaborators/ Team: Ravi Jangid, Studio Seek
Location: Nanded, India
Status: Built


How is the frozen motion of a wave translated to steel?

​While disappearing into the urban fabric of the neighborhood, up-close it becomes an soothing interface that changes dynamically as one moves around it, within and close to the house. Designed as a facade installation spanning across three floors, the Breathing Skin doubles as a multi-storied backdrop to the interiors of a house designed in Nanded, by Studio Seek.

Serving as an artistic device, it leads our vision to the open skies, engaging us in two scales of space - a conversation between the cosmic and a human - the limitless and a finite.

Field Notes