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House Selina |  indlu selinah

Port Elizabeth, South Africa / gqeberha, emzantsi afrika

2020 - 21

house selinah

Client: Gogo Selinah, Michelle

Collaborators/ Team: Kevin Kimwelle, Hlwati Sigqibo, Living Lab,
Indalo World, Isuzu Motors
Location: Port Elizabeth

Status: Built/ Occupied

Tags: innovation, indigenous, steel, wood, concrete, alternate, culture, urban, sustainable, housing + interiors

Is building with waste the future of upcycling?

To design in and for the age of Anthropocene, it has now become inevitable to harness waste into building materials. Inspired by Lego Toys, we wondered how this metaphor can be extrapolated to systems thinking. Typically, industries like automobiles and refrigeration see the production of scraps, lots of it. Usually thrown away, such trash may be infused with new context and life, by the principles of Circular Economics.

Gogo Selinah grew up in an era where Apartheid was prevalent in South Africa. It is one of the reasons she has had to live all her life, in a dilapidated house amidst a gentrified urban fabric. But, she has a different vision for her granddaughter, Michelle. Our response was to design in dialogue with the social history embedded in the old house, making a saddlebag which links and unifies it with the innovative.