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Kursi Project \ проект за стол

Bulgaria, India \ българия, индия



Locations: Sevlievo, Ranchi, Pune

Collaborators/ Team: Emil Yordanov, Tikeshwar Ranaji, Dharmendra

Status: WIP

Tags: wood, housing + interiors

How can a simple chair become versatile?

Designed to be versatile, this chair is perfect for any room in your office, lobby or home, from the living space to the bedroom. With its sleek lines and soft design, it becomes the ideal addition to your space.

The Creole Chair is made from sustainably sourced teak and mango wood, making it simultaneously beautiful and environmentally friendly. Teak is known for its strength and durability, while mango wood adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty.

We have crafted this with a singular goal in mind - comfort. The seat and back are upholstered in soft, luxurious cotton that will keep you cosy. The chair is packed with built-in lumbar support to keep your back in alignment, whether you're relaxing in front of the TV, working from home, or just sitting back and enjoying your day.

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