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Locii Chi | लोकाई ऊर्जा

Pune, India \ पुणे, भारत


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planes of interaction

vegetation - ground and vertical

streets and stairs

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Locii Chi operates as a multi-dimensional sensitive energy-organism, and living environment. The structural frameworks touch the earth gently, in a humble harmony with nature, sensitive to the collective energy flows beneath all that is visual, and reacting particularly on the hot-spots. Architecture is in the position to produce the acupuncture needles for the urban chi.
In 2019, floods wreaked havoc across several cities in the Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, water scarcity aggravates with each passing year. Most of this is attributed to climate change and urban management that compromises on drainage infrastructure. The urban context of Pune is no exception to this norm.
As a resolution to this woe, the precinct becomes a point of ‘urban acupuncture’, harvesting and redistributing rainwater into its locus, in a way that integrates holistically with the water cycle, into its toilets and landscape, thus shaping inhabitant behavior. The built structure is designed to be porous, allowing winds to pass through, while the surfaces that receive sunlight have solar cells integrated, making the precinct function fully off-grid.
Urban acupuncture identifies the weak link in the system, and seeks to resolve it, in turn resolving many other problems. The possibility of the impact is total, connecting us as a part of Nature, through a seamless flow of water, people and energy.

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