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Music Mind Textile

London, United Kingdom


Client: London Design Biennale
Partners in Charge: Alisha Raman
Collaborators/ Team: Foster and Partners, Amelia Peng
Location: Somerset House, Strand, London

Status: Complete


External: Music-Mind-Textile

Tags: innovation, alternate, culture, urban, sustainable, public arena, health + hospitality

How does a cloth get illuminated by music?

This installation takes the audience on an emotional journey to rediscover peace within our humanity, as expressed in theoretical physicist Michio Kaku's seminal book, The Future of the Mind.

'Music-Mind-Textile' blends sophisticated interactive fabrics and musical performance to fully engage the audience in an immersive display that directs both visual and acoustic effects based on their sensations and emotions. A shared experience is formed and expressed through the responsive installation through the connected neural network of persons. This engaging collaborative work promotes social involvement with the environment by combining original music composition with smart-textiles and honouring neuro-diversity and inclusivity.


Photograph ©Taran Wilkhu


Photograph ©Aaron Hargreaves, Foster+ Partners

Field Notes

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