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Normal Pavilion \ वक्रतुंड ध्वजा

Mesra, India \ मेसरा, भारत



Client: Birla Institute of Technology, BITOTSAV Committee 2016

Collaborators/ Team: Arun Kuthanazhi, Vaibhav Saxena, Sharad Kabra, Ajit, Utkarsh, SSA
Location: Mesra, Ranchi
Status: Built / Deconstructed

Tags: innovation, indigenous, brick, steel, bamboo, alternate, culture, urban, sustainable, housing + interiors

How can an open space produce music?

Designed as a spatial bell curve, or one that follows normal distribution, it unravelled as an informal building workshop - rudimentary yet pivotal - where the team undertook the design of a spatial code, sourcing materials, and on-site construction. We investigated the associations between synesthesia and musical experience - leveraged for congregation and interaction.

Through bio-mimicry, all members were structurally oriented as they grow - root end at the base. Suspended members were arranged computationally to produce musical notes. When struck across progressively, the Pavilion started behaving like a xylophone/ boomwhacker, tuned by length.

The algorithm was informed by an interplay of economics and musical form, harmonized with the institute’s architectural context.

Figuring the length of members algorithmically helps minimize waste from the get-go.
A sustainable material catalyses circular economy - the pavilion was eventually deconstructed and returned to communities. Being organic, it decomposed to fertilize the soil.