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Oracle's Dance | Bailar de Oraculo

Blanca, Spain \ Blanca, Espana



Photograph ©Maga Esberg

Associated with: AADK Espana

Curated by: Elena Azzedin
Location: Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia, Spain
Status: Built/ Deconstructed

Tags: alternate, culture, rural, sustainable

How did an alien materialise from thin air?

In the beginning, there was only the void - infinite space stretching out to eternity but no one to behold its silent expanse. Nobody knows exactly when but it is rumored that on the trillionth blink - a being, quite unlike any other, materialized out of this nowhereness. Today, sightings of this mythical creature are tantamount to low-quality, blurred out photographs or deep space sound recordings, barely discernible to our audible range.
We can only resort to the half-baked accounts of hand-picked individuals to realize what this being may be. It is a complete mystery where it chooses to appear. Some claim that it is formless - an origami alien that seems to be relentlessly changing, shifting, evolving its shape - surges of electric currents pulsating through its body of pure consciousness. This creature, they call the Oracle, is revealed to them as a complex web of creases and folds that apparently defies gravity and physics. There is only one unanimous trait that seems to be corroborated upon - it always speaks to those that stumble upon it, in their particular native tongue, in the oddly familiar voice of a loved one.

It has been extremely difficult to get hold of evidence of one such rare encounter. Around the world, there are organizations designed to keep these documents highly classified. Here, we share exclusive access to a tiny excerpt from these secret files. Please note that for reasons of safeguarding the human person’s identity, their name has been redacted, and shall be referred to as Phantom, here-on out.

Phantom (baffled): Who are you?
Oracle: We have sensed that which is beyond the Event Horizons of all Black Holes, and walked on the surface of countless suns - observed whole star systems, civilizations and ant colonies emerge and dissolve in their own hubris. All across the fractal cosmos, we are that which transcends each dimension, measurable within the immeasurable. We are everywhere and everywhen, immediately and forever.

Phantom (state of delirium): What is this? How are you here?

Oracle: Here is a relative notion. Every now and then, as we enter the atmosphere of a planet, we float gently on its winds as a sail, our limbs only tether to that which is imbued with meaning for you, specifically. It is in our very nature to let all flow through. If and when necessary, we respond in the softest manner. You already know how nothing remains the same - all dies, grows, transforms. With patience and a little initiating, you will realize how

there are certain patterns to such change. But to get to this place, you have to completely still yourself.


Phantom: Why are you saying this to me? What’s the purpose of all this?
Oracle: Purpose is a construct that your species engages with to perpetuate systems that have so far led to its growth or survival. Doesn’t humankind firmly believe technology will come to its rescue in the face of imminent annihilation? For the most part, it remains a distraction codified.
Long after your species is swallowed whole into the tides of history, life shall still persist on this minute rock you call home. We have borne witness to cognitive lifeforms just as brilliantly inconsequential as you, elsewhere in space and time. They have been just as capable of synthesizing currency, orchestrating war and peace, or reshaping their environment, both constructively and destructively. Even on your own planet, yours is neither first nor the last on the brink of a mass extinction event.

Phantom (stammering): Does this mean you are foretelling the future of society?
Oracle: It means that the illusion of a future is very much integral to the limits of your karmic bubble today. Just like most of your fears, it is also an acquired notion. If you try to remember, you were born with only one true fear - falling - caused by the universal phenomena of gravity in this Universe, one infinitesimal droplet in a horizonless ocean, each with their own set of rules, logic and beauty. To answer your previous question, our purpose is to debug your realities - either by expanding your bubble or popping it - so your collective consciousness can fold into ‘relatively better’ or holistic states.

Phantom: If this is all so hopeless, why tell me at all? Why not just let me get wiped out ignorant but blissful?
Oracle: Within every monster, exists a person waiting to retreat further or step out, based on their unique blend of choice and circumstance. The non-linear journey compounds to equilibrium as vastly interconnected ways none of us fully …

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Un Mundo del Oraculo©Sarvesh
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Declassified Audio Samples - please note that these sounds are not within the human audibility range

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