House Selina \  सेलिनाभवन

Port Elizabeth, South Africa \ पोर्ट एलिजाबेथ, दक्षिण अफ्रीका

with Kevin Kimwelle, 2020 - 21


As an amalgam of heritage and inclusivity, the Living Lab initiative undertakes actionable steps towards design for diversity.

Selina, the lady of the house, has had a simple wish - to leave her grandchild the legacy of a world, better than the one she has grown old in - a time in South Africa, when Apartheid was a norm, reflecting on whole neighborhoods, and her erstwhile home.
Preserving its sanctity through adaptive reuse is at the heart of a space warmly mindful of any discriminatory practices, erstwhile or current - wherever in the world, on grounds whether race, religion, gender, identity or income. Designing with materials otherwise seen as waste, from a pool of automotive components brings the promise of circular economics to our industrial processes. Energy equity weaves out of a modern historical context to celebrate an architecture of justice, in a poetry of everyday life. There is no one solution to this problem - here, the waste sees an up-cycling through information modelling into the intricate design of a home for posterity.