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Warka Waters 4.6 \ वारका जलाशय ४.६

New Delhi, India \ नई दिल्ली, भारत



Client: Enactus+ Ramjas, Project Neer
Collaborators/ Team: Ravi Jangid, Lokesh Kanjani, Shreyash Kothari, Garima Bhatnagar, Nikhil Menon
Location: Nanded, New Delhi
Status: Prototype/ Deployed

Tags: innovation, indigenous, steel, wood, concrete, alternate, culture, urban, sustainable, housing + interiors

How can water be harvested out of thin air?

We re-interpretated the Warka Waters to extract water out of thin air, as a remotely deployable system, independent of exisitng infrastructure. This particular prototype is designed for water scarce areas in and around Delhi NCR areas, Haryana and Rajasthan.

The original design was made by Arturo Vittori, as inspired by the indigenous homes of the Dorze Community in Ethiopia. A simple diamond lattice makes a lightweight tower for aerial moisture to be caught and percolated down to the Matka Filter designed by The Enactus team. Once deployed, the Warka System encourages a nodal behaviour of rural community and agriculture.